2021 Australian Swimming Championships

April 23, 2021

Our biggest representative team, and our biggest medal haul ever - a highly successful event for the club.

After a torrid year, our club was able to field its biggest team ever at the Australian Swimming Championships.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who qualified: Baden Coxsedge, Robbe Dilissen, Dominique Hart, Caitlin Huell, Liam Laidlaw, Nicholas Layton, Will Middleton, Ray Oo, Thomas Pearson, Adam Selwood, Johann Stickland and Luka Zubcic. We also had Lushavel Stickland qualify and represent Samoa.

The team camaraderie was sensational, with swimmers supporting each other at all events. And while most swimmers achieved PBs and improvements in rankings, there were several standout performances.

There were 2 categories of events: Open (swimming against all ages) and specific age categories. Swimmers were required to elect which category they were aiming for prior to the relevant event.

The following were our finalists:

Robbe Dilissen - 9th 400FR (20/21 years)

Dominique Hart - 7th 50FL (19/20 years)

Caitlin Huell - 6th 50FL (19/20 years)

Will Middleton - 4th 200IM (20/21 years)

Thomas Pearson - 8th 50BK (20/21 years), 10th 50BR (20/21 years)

Adam Selwood - 6th 200BR (Open), 9th 100BR (Open)

Johann Stickland - 5th 50BK (18/19 years), 6th 50FR (18/19 years), 8th 50BR (18/19 years), 10th 50FL (18/19 years)

We also had 3 medallists, the biggest number of medal recipients the club has achieved at this event:

Adam Selwood - Gold 50BR (20/21 years)

Will Middleton - Gold 400IM (20/21 years)

Liam Laidlaw - Bronze 200IM (20/21 years)

Congratulations to all our swimmers on their excellent results and dedication. And thanks also to the amazing coaches, Seb, Marcus and Adam, who supported the team through highs and lows, making themselves available whenever needed, and always being there to champion our team.

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