2022 Australian Swimming Championships

June 7, 2022

Our biggest and most successful team!

Australian Swimming Championships 2022 - 13 swimmers, 50 swims and 23 PB’s. Propulsion’s biggest contingent of Open swimmers went to this meet, which served as the 2022 Commonwealth Games trials.

Our team comprised:

Robbe Dilissen, Lachie Jackett Simpson, Ruby Knott, Liam Laidlaw, Nick Layton, Anna Li, James McBride, Will Middleton, Calvin Reed, Adam Selwood, Johann Stickland, Lushavel Stickland and Luka Zubcic (noting also new member Josh Seignior, though still swimming for South Gippsland Bass at this meet).

The team started strong on day 1 with 10 swimmers and 12 races in the heat session. James set the tone for the competition, swimming a 3.9 sec PB in the 400m Free and then backed that up in the 200m Backstroke where he made the B Final and went on to swim a 1.38 sec PB with a 2:04.48 and place 11th overall. In the 50m Freestyle it was all coaches on deck as Liam, Luka, Lachie, Johann and Nick took part in a fast paced and action packed splash and dash. A big well done as well to Anna and Ruby in the 100m Breaststroke and 800m Freestyle respectively.

On Day 2, Luka, Johan and Nick started the day off with the 50m Fly with some super fast swims, Anna was in the 50m Free, and James, Lachie and Robbe competed in the 200m Free. Lushavel made the B Final when she swam a 29.98 in her 50m Backstroke. Both Lushavel and Luka showed that, with the right work-life balance, our adult swimmers can work full time and still compete at this elite level.

Adam and Calvin both swam +2 sec PBs, with Adam entering the A Finals ranked 4th . Later that day, and even though a new world record was swum by the winner, all Propulsion eyes were on Adam as he powered home with a 2:13.68 in the 200m Breaststroke, placing 3rd overall and becoming the first Propulsion swimmer to achieve a medal in an A Final at an Australian Swimming Championships.

On Day 3, we saw Lachie swim a 0.19 sec PB with a 27.16 in the Age Finals of the 50m Backstroke. Congratulations as well to Ruby, Anna and Lush who also swam extremely well in their respective events that day. Later that night, in the 100m Breaststroke, Calvin swam just off his heat time with a new PB of 1:01.74 in the B Final and Adam swam a new PB of 1:01.28 in the A Final placing 7th overall.

On Day 4, James swam a new PB of 2:04.53 in the 200m Fly, earning a spot in the B Final. That same day Lachie, Liam, Luka and Nick all competed in the 100m Freestyle with some great times and PBs, and Will competed in the 400m IM.

On our Final Day of heats, Lushavel swam in the 50m Freestyle and Lachie earned a spot in the Age Final of the 100m Backstroke. Propulsion continued to assert its dominance in Breaststroke with Calvin, Adam, Will and Johann all swimming in the 50m Breaststroke. In the finals session, Lachie, Calvin and Adam all went on to drop further time from their heat swims to put the icing on the cake.

The meet concluded with a team dinner, approximately 10 chicken parmas, and an awfully tense watching party around a small phone screen as we anxiously awaited confirmation of friend of Propulsion and MSAC training partner, Sam Williamson’s, place on the Australian team for the 2022 Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

Thanks goes to our excellent parent support team, whose banter and photo sharing enhanced the team's camaraderie and connectedness. Special thanks to our Team Managers, Sian Whittaker and Jacob Sell, for providing the coaches with back-up and general reinforcements. And finally, but not least, to our amazing coaches, Seb Bettiol and Adam Hutton, for being at every session, every day, watching every swim, and advising and supporting every swimmer.

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