Metro West District Championships 2023

November 3, 2023

Another great district championships organised by our Metro West District

The club had a great turn out of over 45 swimmers competing at the Metro West District Championships. Many swimmers achieved significant PBs, and multiple medals.

The following were our medalists:

Audreanna David: 12yo 100FL Gold, 100 BR Gold, 200IM Gold, 100BK Silver, 100FR Bronze

Chiara Hutchinson: 13/over 100BK Gold, 100BR Gold, 100FR Silver, 100FL Silver

Robbe Dilissen: 800 FR Gold, 100 BR Gold, 100FR Silver

Luka Zubcic: 13/over 100FL Gold, 100FR Gold, 100BK Silver

Kakeru Awano: 1500FR Gold, 400FR Gold

Lily Egan: 9yo 100BR Gold, 100BK Silver, 100FR Bronze

Alexander David: 8/under 50FL Silver, 50BK Silver, 50 BR Silver, 50FR Silver, 200IM Silver

Oliver Salmon: 13/over 100BR Silver, 100FR Silver, 200IM Silver, 100BK Bronze

Charlotte Ristig: 13/over 100BK Silver, 200BK Silver, 100FR Bronze

Hannah Ristig: 13/over 100FR Silver, 200IM Silver, 100BK Bronze

Lola Weddell: 9yo 100FR Silver, 200IM Silver

Caitlin Huell: 13/over 100FL Silver, 100FR Silver

Dayna Barnett: 13/over 200IM Silver, 100FL Bronze, 100BK Bronze, 100BR Bronze, 100FR Bronze

Emily Proctor: 11yo 100FL Silver, 100BR Bronze, 200IM Bronze

Mason Do: 11yo 100BR Silver

Zara Gamboa: 12yo 100FR Silver

Jack De Fazio: 12yo 100BK Bronze, 100FR Bronze

Ethan Apap: 13/over 100FL Bronze

Sienna Scodella: 13/over 100FL Bronze

Rose Vaughan: 200FR Bronze

Enrico Villegas: 1500FR Bronze


Our relays also had great success:

Men 200 Medley: Lloyd Birch, Robbe Dilissen, Ethan Apap, Luka Zubcic – Gold

Women 200 Medley: Charlotte Ristig, Rose Vaughan, Chiara Hutchinson, Caitlin Huell – Gold

Men 200FR 12/14/16/Open: Jack De Fazio, Charlie De Fazio, Lloyd Birch, Luka Zubcic - Silver

With special thanks to our superb coaches, Marcus B, Marcus G, Guy and Seb, and to the many parent helpers over the course of the 4 days of competition.

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