Swimming Victoria Age Championships 2021

March 11, 2021

This was Victoria's first heats and finals championship in a long while, and we were well represented.

The long awaited Age Championships were held over a revised five day format. Given the changes made to the recent Swimming Victoria Open Championships due to the snap lock-down, the Age meet was expanded to include a further opportunity for our Open swimmers to gain competition practice. The meet comprised a day-heats / night-finals program, to give the extra chance to gain valuable racing experience.

The club achieved some outstanding results. Below are our finalists and top-10 finishers:

Finalists and Top-10 Finishers

Ahmed Elgammal: Boys 14 100FL – 9th

Justin Griggs: Boys 19&O 50FR – 5th

James Hay: Boys 12 200BK – 7th

Maddie Hooker: Girls 16-18 800FR – 4th; Girls1 6 400 FR – 5th; Girls 16 200FR – 8th; Girls 16 50FR – 9th; Girls 16 200BR – 10th; Girls 16 100FR – 10th

Nicholas Layton: Boys 17-18 50FR – 5th; Boys 17-18 100FR – 8th

Will Middleton: Boys 19&O 200FL – 4th; Boys 19&O 50FL – 4th; Boys 19&O 50BR – 5th

Jacqueline Monaghan: Girls 19&O 200FR – 5th

Stella Soesanto: Girls 16 50FR – 5th; Girls 16 200BR – 5th

Johann Stickland: Boys 17-18 50FR – 4th; Boys 17-18 100FR – 4th

Anna Yestekhin: Girls 12 50FR – 10th

Boys 12-18 200 Freestyle Relay - Johann Stickland, Nicholas Layton, Youssef Elgammal, OwenCheung – 5th

Boys 12-18 200 Medley Relay - Orlando West, Johann Stickland, Nicholas Layton, Youssef Elgammal  – 6th

The following were our medallists:

Luka Zubcic: Boys 19&O 50FR – Gold

Dominique Hart: Girls 19&O 800FR – Silver; Girls 19&O 400FR – Silver

Will Middleton: Boys 19&O 200IM – Silver; Boys 19&O 100FL – Bronze

Stella Soesanto: Girls 16 100BR – Silver

Baden Coxsedge: Boys 19&O 100BR – Bronze; Boys 19&O 50FL – Bronze

Noah O’Donnell: Boys 15 400IM – Bronze; Boys 14-15 1500FR – Bronze

Liam Laidlaw: Boys 19&O 100FR – Bronze

Thanks also to our coaches, to Swimming Victoria for holding the event and expanding the opportunities for our swimmers, and also to our time keepers on Monday night. They very graciously time kept with short notice, and we really appreciate their help.

Congratulations all!

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